AIG Wants To Sue U.S. Over Bailout Terms – These Bastards Have A Giant Set Of Balls

AIG Suing U.S. Government

UPDATE 01/09/2013 3:26PM EST

AIG Decides Not To Join In Law Suit Against U.S. Government

Details Here


Do you remember the height of the economic crisis when all the banks were going under and the government stepped in to save their asses? I do.

Remember how no one (Except the  greedy banksters) was happy about it ? I remember that too.

And do you remember how even though the banks had to borrow tens of billions of dollars just to survive, they still managed to hand out obscene bonuses to their executives — It pissed us all off, didn’t it?

Well, this one will piss you off even more.

AIG Sues US GovernmentAIG, the Wall Street insurance giant that was on life support and would have surely gone under without a taxpayer funded bailout is actually considering suing the United States Government (that’s you and I) because they say the terms of the bailout deal were unfair to shareholders.

According to Politico:

“This week, the AIG board will consider whether to join a $25 billion lawsuit over whether the terms of the bailout were unfair to shareholders, who claim they were deprived of billions of dollars.”

These Wall Street scumbags never cease to amaze me. Can you imagine a doctor gives you a life saving heart transplant and when you get the bill you sue him for charging you too much for the heart?

AIG just started running TV ads bragging about how they paid the government bailout money back. Gee, thanks AIG for paying the American people what you owe them.. Douche.

And you wonder why the people are pissed that not one of these criminal Wall Street Greedters has been indicted for a crime – Not one. Believe me, if you or I borrow 2 cents from the “Leave a Penny, Take a Penny” tray at 7-11, we get hauled off to jail, but steal trillions of dollars and not a God Damned thing happens to you.

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