As Long As The NRA Stands Behind LaPierre How Can You Stand Behind The NRA?

Wayne LaPierre Is Crazy

I’m not well versed on the politics of guns. My opinion on the situation is that there are too many of them out there.  To me the argument that by restricting ownership of military style weapons we are punishing law abiding gun owners is foolish, especially since most of the mass killers were law abiding right up until the moment they became homicidal maniacs. That’s my opinion, some people agree with me, a lot of people don’t.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Wayne LaPierre’s opinions are extremest and downright fucking nuts.

In defending the billion dollar gun industry, Wayne LaPierre has turned and organization of hunters into a cult of death loving fanatics. No logical person in his right mind can argue against making sure people who buy guns are not criminals. Likewise, no sane person can make a case that an AK-47 has but one purpose, to kill lots of people. Even so, LaPierre is fighting to the death to maintain the status quo – And no amount of dead children will change his mind.

The only reason to fight against background checks, large bullet magazines and military rifles is to protect the pocketbooks of millionaire gun makers. And Wayne LaPierre and his cohorts at the NRA will go as all out crazy as they have to to protect their financiers.

I am not a member of the NRA, don’t support them and couldn’t give a shit if they disappeared tomorrow. But if you are a supporter of the NRA you should be more than concerned that your organization is being driven into the ground and into obscurity by a right wing psycho who’s madness puts him in a league with the worst Batman Villains of all time.

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