Boy Scouts Do Not Want Any Gay Eagle Scouts – Child Molesters Still Welcome

Boy Scouts Reject Gay Eagle Scout

Ahh, the Boy Scouts of America – Teaching America’s youth such important things like how to light a fire with two sticks and how to treat your fellow man like a second class citizen if they are not exactly like you.

Yesterday, The Boy Scouts said they would absolutely not allow 18-year-old Ryan Anderson, a qualified Eagle Scout candidate to earn his rank for one reason and one reason only, because he’s gay.

It doesn’t matter that he earned his rank or that he is a good person or that there is no moral reason to deny this young man what he is owed, nope.

The Scouts told CNN “Mount Diablo-Silverado Boy Scout Council rejected the Eagle Scout application for¬†18-year-old Ryan Andresen due to “membership standards,”¬†specifically “duty to God, avowed homosexuality, and the fact that he is now over 18 years of age.”¬†From the Atlantic Wire

Duty To God? What the fuck does that mean?

Where was the Boy Scouts’ Duty To God when they were covering up child sex abuse in the organization for 20 years ?

If Boy Scout members want to demonstrate their “Duty To God”, they would all get together and say we quit unless you let our fellow scout, Ryan Andersen earn the rank he deserves.

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