Chinese Workers Revolt Over 2 Minute Toilet Break Rules

Chinese Workers Toilet Break Protest

Can you imagine having to take a deuce in a deuce? Two minutes to do you biz-ness ain’t that much time especially if you are a responsible citizen and take the time to properly wash your hands when you’re finished.

Well, workers in a Chinese factory decided two minutes was just not enough time to drop the kids off at the pool and they revolted. According to Yahoo News:

“About 1,000 workers at Shanghai Shinmei Electric Company held the 10 Japanese nationals and eight Chinese managers inside the factory in Shanghai starting Friday morning until 11.50 p.m. Saturday, said a statement from the parent company, Shinmei Electric Co., released Monday. It said the managers were released uninjured after 300 police officers were called to the factory.”

Talk about asshole bosses – Workers at the plant had a strictly enforced rule that allowed workers only two minutes to go to the bathroom. The consequences for violating that rule were tough – Break the rule once and get fined about 8 bucks (I would imagine that’s a lot of money to a poor Chinese worker) be late twice and you lose your job.

Rightfully, the workers did the right thing, said fuck this and stormed the Bastille so to speak.

As a man well into my middle ages at this point I can tell you that two minutes is not nearly long enough time. Two minutes may be enough time for Peyton Manning to march down field, but sometimes the prostate needs some coaxing and talking to before you get a nice steady flow. Also, deuce time is also reading time – If you catch some interesting gossip in US Weekly or Time Magazine, you may be in the can longer than you anticipated.

The police have broken up the protest. No word yet as to weather the factory will change its two minute toilet rules.

Watch The Video Below To See Exactly How I Use My Toilet Breaks At Work

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