Congress More Popular than Kardashians But Less Than Gonorrhea

Kardashians Less Popular Than Congress

You gotta hand it to the Douchebags in Washington — This was not an easy feat — Congress has actually managed to make itself less popular than Venereal Disease.  That is an astounding statement. Can you imagine that people actually think more highly of Gonorrhea than the Congress of the United States?

Riiinnng…. “Good Evening Mr. Jones, We are taking a survey and would like to ask you, Who do you like least, your elected officials in Washington, or a dreaded sexually transmitted disease that causes an abnormal, yellow, creamy discharge from your penis and anal itching?”


“Really, Less than anal itching?——  We thought so, thank you for your time, Sir.”

This is not bullshit. There was actually a poll taken and Congress’ popularity is that low. Public Policy Polling did the survey and they found that 85% of Americans have a negative view of Congress.

Other things that were more likable than Congress: Cockroaches, Head Lice and Root Canals.

About the only people who made out worse than congress are those God Damned Kardashians. Believe it or not, even an institution as fucking lowly as Congress is, was able to beat out the Kardashians in a head to head match up 49 to 36 percent. That must mean that the Kardashians are the lowest form of human existence on the planet. But wait, there’s always Paris Hilton.

Here is the poll:

Download (PDF, 268KB)

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