Even Dumb-Ass Texas Republicans Don’t Want Rick Perry As Governor

Rick Perry Poll Numbers

This just might be Rick Perry’s last stand at the Alamo. The bumbling Republican Texas Governor is no longer wanted in the Lone Star State.

In a  new poll conducted by PPP, a whopping 62% of Texans said they do not want Rick Perry to run for governor again – And 39% of the idiotic, cowboy hat wearing registered Republicans agreed – They do not want Rick Perry as governor.

That’s bad news for Rick Perry – Who’d a thunk it?

It was just over a year ago when Perry moseyed onto the national stage with his cowboy boots and his G.W. swagger, thinking he was all presidential and shit — But that lasted about five minutes and it’s been all downhill from there.

Now, even his own kind want nothing more to do with Rick Perry – Not even those ass backward dudes with rifles in the rear window of their pick up trucks – Even those douchebags can see what an ass wipe Rick Perry really is – Thank God.

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