Fox News Sends Sarah Palin To The Proverbial Glue Factory

Sarah Palin Out At Fox News

It was just a few short weeks ago when I wrote that Sarah Palin’s long 15 minutes were coming to an end. Today, that end just might be upon us because:

Sarah Palin Is Out At Fox News


Apparently, the hollow minds of the Fox News propaganda machine realized that when it comes to Sarah Palin, there’s just no there, there. The curtain has been pulled back allowing even the dumbest of dumb right wing conservatives to see the emptiness that is Sarah Palin’s brain. Poor Roger Ailes must have been left with an incurable case of agida every time he had to write Sarah Palin a check for a million bucks.

Sure there are some true believers left, but they are mainly the gun toting survivalists who fantasize about Sarah Palin becoming their own wolf killing wife.

I will give Sarah Palin some credit though because as dumb as I think she is, she was smart enough to ride her shot at fame to the top and milk it for everything it was worth – Kind of like a female Chauncey Gardner -

I’m going to miss her though – To me, Sarah Palin was like a moronic Pied Piper leading a pack of dumb-ass Republicans over the cliff of relevancy. Now we just need to figure out who’ll lead them over the cliff when she’s gone.

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