Hey Hollywood, We Have An Unemployment Problem, Hire American Actors

English And Australian Actors

Another awards show, another night littered with English and Australian actors winning awards. WTF?

Do we really need to keep bringing people over  from England And Australia to star in our movies and TV Shows?


Hasn’t anyone in Hollywood ever watched Inside The Actors Studio? All the people in the audience are starving (American) actors – Most of whom will never work a day in their lives. Maybe we can give one of those poor schlubs an acting gig.

But Noooo. We have to hire hot Australian hunks and British Thespians to play all the parts.

I for one say “ENOUGH!

Watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards Show last night, I was appalled as winner after winner came on stage and spoke with their hoity toity accent. Daniel Day Lewis, Hugh Jackman, The Entire Cast of Downton Abbey, Anne Hathaway – (Okay, so she has a pretend British Accent)  –  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I CAN’T TAKE IT NO MORE! Are foreigners even members of SAG?

Many of us holler about all the shit that’s made in China –  But now I’m starting a new battle cry – No More English Actors. And no more Australian ones either, Dammit.

As a former starving actor who had zero success in Hollywood I call it upon myself to undertake this important mission –  to lower unemployment by hiring American Actors – This will also help offset the misery suffered by the parents of these unemployed thespians who dropped a hundred grand on a Bachelors degree in drama.

Hollywood, It’s Time You Show Your Patriotism – Hire American.

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